Three holes scraper Blade

Three holes scraper Blade

Three Holes Screw Blade

Material: Carbon Steel SK5

Carbon Steel SK2

Tungsten Carbide


Three holes blade is ideal for various film cutting,and good for cleaning as well.

About material :

We provide carbon steel material blade, coating blade and tungsten carbide material blade to fully meet demand of different clients.

About surface coating:

Blade is processing through different coating processing, there will be a thin layer of protective film formed between cutting objects and the cutting edge of the blade ,its wear resistance will be better, and have higher oxidation resistance as well.

17years blade manufacturer,We provide you ideal cutting solution and suggestion,

Superior raw material ,Strict and skilled production technology ,HJAR is committed to bring you three holes blade more sharp,long lifetime to improve the efficiency of your production.

Irregular shape customized by specification or drawing are available .

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