Round Cloth cutting knife

Round Cloth cutting knife

Blade Material :HSS

Commonly used size and Applicable cutter machine----

For LEJIANG Cloth cutter :

50*16*1.0mm 65*10*1.1mm 70*16.5*1.1mm 80*17*1.1mm 90*18*1.2mm 100*21*1.2mm 110*21*1.2mm 125*21*1.2mm

For EASTMAN Cloth cutter :

51*16.2*1.0mm 57*16*1.1mm 57*16*1.0mm 64*22.4*1.0mm 102*41*1.1mm 102*22*1.0mm 127*39.6*1.1mm 133*52*1.0mm 152*51*1.45mm 178*51.8*1.5mm 191*51.8*1.95mm

For Wolf Cloth Cutter:

53*17.5*1.0mm 63*20.5*1.0mm 102*31.8*1.1mm 121*42.8*1.1mm 133*50.8*1.1mm 133*42.8*1.1mm 152*40.1*1.3mm 152*50.8*1.3mm 178*50.8*1.4mm 203*50.8*1.4mm 254*50.8*1.6mm

For MAIMIN cloth Cutter:

50*16*1.0mm 64*21.4*1.0mm 102*40*1.2mm 127*40*1.2mm 133*52*1.2mm 152*58*1.5mm 178*58*1.5mm

For KM cloth Cutter:

48*10*1.0mm 50*10*1.25mm 100*21*1.2mm 100*21*1.2mm 127*43*1.2mm 152*50*1.5mm

For HITAKM cloth Cutter:

63*12.2* 66*10*1.0mm 89*17.5*1.1mm 127*40*1.1mm

Other stocked size:

70*10*1.0mm 100*10*1.2mm 130*10*1.2mm 80*40*1.0mm 70*40*1.0mm 48*13*1.0mm

100*21*1.2mm 108*10*1.2mm 125*10*1.2mm


*Superior HSS.

*Excellent sharpness and durablity.

*Full range of specifications and sizes.

*Applicable to various cloth cutting machine .

We use highest quality HSS to produce cloth cutting machine blades. Superior material prevent rusting and corroding ,Precision grinding to increase blade sharpness and durability.

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