Cutter Blade Z16

Cutter Blade Z16

Z16 blade


*Superior Tungsten Carbide

*Excellent sharpness and durability

*Extended shelf-life packaging.

*Full range of specifications and sizes.

*Small quantity is available .

HJAR blade is 17 years blade manufacturer,We provide you ideal cutting solution and suggestion,accurate selection of raw material ,Strict and skilled production technology ,we are committed to bring you blade more sharp,long lifetime to improve the efficiency of your production cut .

You will find various blades here for different Zund Cutter heads .

They are ideal to cut leather , carton boards,doubling plate,composite material,paper,textile,packaging material ,frame,sponge,plastic ,medical products,filter,Skiing material,cable etc different material .

Irregular shape customized by specification or drawing are welcomed.

Welcome your inquiry !!!