Archery Arrowhead Broadheads

Archery Arrowhead Broadheads

HJAR broadheads are DURABLE, SHARP, FAST and fitable for hunting and shooting and most kinds of arrows, no less qualified than the worldwide brand Muzzy, Rage and Trufire. 


1.Buy one get two functions,you can add the collar to change the weight from 100 grains to 125 Grains. 

2.Ti Coating, super-tough, durable , excellent straightness and extreme accuracy. 

3.No speed restriction for the bow, compound bow, recurve bow and crossbow are available 

4.100 125 Grains 1" +1/2" Cutting Diameter,3 Broadheads and 3 25grains Brass Collar per Pack 

5.Razor Sharp Tips and Fly Just Like Field PointsAny Customized your own type broadheads is available.