28mm rotary cutter blade

28mm rotary cutter blade


*High-Quality --SKS-7 tungsten-steel blades will stay sharp longer than others.

*Extra Sharp- -cuts up to 6-15 layers of fabric or batting.

*Graduated Markings --Can be used for rough measurements without a ruler.

*Compatible any 28mm rotary cutter --Will work in all major brands of rotary cutters, including Olfa, Fiskars, Havel, Martelli, Gingher, and Clover. But use Quilting Bee's rotary cutter for best results.

*Satisfaction guaranteed--these blades are designed to last longer than conventional carbon-steel blades.

17 years experience in the manufacture of industrial blade.High quality raw material ,Precision Dimension Control, skilled production processes and strict quality control,We consistently be committed to providing our customers with cost-effective, high quality, personalized products.

*Samples within a few days.

*Higher cutting speed, process output

*Long lifetime and change less

*Improved cutting quality

*Better edge protection due to less friction and heat

*Reduced cutting start-off or downtime during blade changes

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Irregular shape customized by specification or drawing are available.

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