275mm Bread Slicer Blade

275mm Bread Slicer Blade

275mm Bread Slicer Blade -------

Dimensions :






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*Superior high carbon and stainless Steel.

*Burr-free teeth cutting edge.

*Extended shelf-life packaging.

*Full range of specifications and sizes.

*Applicable to various bread slicer machine.Such as Oliver, Berkel, JAC and Doyon etc.

HJAR bread slicer blades are ideal for retail and wholesale businesses by reducing bread tearing and crumbing. As a result, there's less bread product waste and a more appealing bread product display.

We use highest quality steel to produce bread slicer blades. Superior material prevent rusting and corroding ,Precision grinding to increase blade sharpness and durability.

Original slicer machine do not have infinite life in their bread slicer cutting blades , so you need to repalce them. The blades are recommended to be replaced every 6 to 12 months, depending on the volume of bread you slice.

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