18mm Serrated snap off blade

18mm Serrated snap off blade

18mm Serrated snap off blade

Utility Knife Blade

18mm snap off blade

Material: Superior Carbon Steel

Products Dimension:


Product Usage:

Snap off blade is ideal fixed for various Utility cutter knife,also suitable for industrial cutting ,such as floor trimming, Paper,Carton,deburring back-molded automotive interior components, roofing peeler applications and many more.


*Superior high carbon Steel.

*Excellent Sharpness and durability

*Burr-free cutting edge.

*Extended shelf-life packaging.

*Full range of specifications and sizes.

*All our products comes with certifications

Blade is processing through different coating processing, there will be a thin layer of protective film formed between cutting objects and the cutting edge of the blade ,its wear resistance will be better, and have higher oxidation resistance as well.

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Irregular shape or drawing are available.

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